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A Reflection on Civil Rights

By Misk Khalif, 2019-2020 Teen Advisor Standing on the balcony, where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot, the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, I took a moment...

Dear Girl Up: A Tribute.

My love letter to Girl Up has taken me 6 years to write (6 and a half, if you’re really counting). Since 2013, I have given myself to the work of creating a...

Celebrating Girls in STEM

By: Annie Ma   Eight blocks from the Capitol where congresswomen pitched bills to committees, I stood in the Ronald Reagan Building pitching my all-girls...

#WiSciEstonia 2019

By Olga Wilk, 2019 WiSci Estonia STEAM Camp   The #WiSciEstonia 2019 summer camp, changed my mind and heart. The Camp involved two firsts for me. It was...

Houston Girls Code Camp

By Shania Hurtado, Founder & President of Girl Up Klein Collins, Co-Coalition Leader for the Girl Up Southeast Texas Coalition Girl Up Klein Collins hosted...

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